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The Connecticut Property Transfer Act (Transfer Act)

GeoQuest has significant experience in assisting clients in navigating the Connecticut Property Transfer Act (Transfer Act).  With three Licensed Environmental Professionals (LEPs) on staff and with more than 50 years of combined experience, GeoQuest brings significant knowledge and expertise in taking these sites from initial assessment through regulatory closure. 

GeoQuest understands the regulatory process and is familiar with the standard of care required by the CTDEEP.  Projects have included numerous sites with dry cleaners, furniture strippers, and autobody repair shops; as well as industrial facilities that generate hazardous waste, facilities that generate hazardous waste off-site but bring it back to a home base, and agricultural properties that generated sufficient hazardous to become “establishments”. 

GeoQuest is well versed in the reports and documents that need to be completed and submitted to the CTDEEP, including initial assessment reports, completion of investigation reports (COIs), Remedial Action Plans (RAPs), Environmental Land Use Restrictions (ELURs), and Verifications.

As with all the projects GeoQuest is involved in, GeoQuest prides itself on developing cost effective approaches to assessing, managing, and bringing to closure Transfer Act sites.  GeoQuest works closely with its clients to make sure that the process of managing a Transfer Act site is coordinated with property development, redevelopment, and/or ongoing site operations and activities.