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Site Remediation

Once the nature and extent of contamination at a site has been ascertained and remedial alternatives have been evaluated, GeoQuest can provide a variety of services to accomplish site remediation.

These services typically include:

• Development of appropriate plans and specifications 

• Remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater 

• Facility clean-up and/or closure

• Coordination with regulatory authorities

GeoQuest’s experience and knowledge of remedial alternatives can mean practical solutions which save clients time and money in their efforts to cleanup a site. The actual alternative selected will depend on the type and concentration of the contaminants present, the levels of remediation mandated, and cost considerations. All remediation activities are designed to ensure minimal disruption of site activities. Remedial alternatives include a variety of both on- and off-site treatment and disposal options, including:

• Excavation & disposal

• Incineration

• Bio-remediation

• Containment and/or fixation

• Soil venting/aeration

• Groundwater recovery & treatment

For remediation of hazardous waste sites, GeoQuest prefers finding permanent solutions to mitigate the risks identified. We emphasize treatment technologies that destroy or detoxify contaminated materials rather than those that simply transfer them to another environmental medium or location. In addition, GeoQuest’s staff will select the treatment technology which best achieves protection of human health and environment; meets federal and state regulatory requirements; satisfies social and political considerations; and is technologically feasible, cost effective, and practical.