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Remedial Investigations

If the presence of contamination in excess of current regulatory standards has been identified on a property and further action appears warranted, GeoQuest will typically recommend that a “phase III” site assessment, or remedial investigation, be conducted. Remedial investigations usually consist of the direct sampling and analysis (and/or indirect assessment) of surface and subsurface materials (soil and water) to determine the degree and extent of any contamination present. This may be accomplished through a variety of direct sampling and/or remote sensing techniques, including:

• Hollow-stem auger drilling
• Geoprobe sampling
• Test pitting
• Well installation
• Groundwater sampling
• Magnetometer surveys
• Ground penetrating radar
• Conductivity surveys

Based on the findings, GeoQuest will make recommendations regarding what actions should be taken to mitigate (and/or eliminate) the problems identified. All recommendations for remedial strategies will be based on current or proposed site activities, subsurface conditions, and current environmental regulations. Specific site conditions, as well as time- and cost-effectiveness, will determine the exact approach utilized.